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  • Magnetic Phone Charger with changeable end plug

    What is a Magnetic Phone Charger? How Does it Work?

    This is a unique device that uses a magnet to help connect a charging cable to your phone. You can take the magnet that comes with one of these products and put it into your phone’s charging port. This magnet will stay securely in the port. You can then move the charging cable under the magnet which it will then attach itself to. When your phone is done charging, you can simply remove the cord while the magnet stays in your phone.

    What are the Differences Between Micro USB, Lightning, and Type-C Attachments?

    As you’ll find with many of the products in our review, they sometimes come with attachments. These attachments work to help the charger better connect to your phone type. The micro USB works the same as a regular USB except it’s a smaller version of it. The Lightning attachment is designed specifically for Apple products. You’d want to use this if you have iPhones or tablets from this company. Type-C attachments work the same as USB ones but they have a different design. This design allows them to be flipped. This means you don’t have to worry about which way to properly put the connector into your phone. You can just slide it in one way and it will stay.

    Here is my design for it… 



    3D cad models can download at GrabCad.com or contact me

    More info about this and about which type is better https://gadgetsliving.com/magnetic-phone-chargers/